The Last World

by the Evolutionaries


Rock, metal, industrial, punk, and noise joined together in a gritty foray into rock 'n roll from a worm hole --- This is outer space garage rock played upon a lonely asteroid.

The Last World is the latest album from the Evolutionaries. After taking an extended hiatus, the Evolutionaries have returned in full force with an audio assault from outer space. Originally a classic post-industrial outfit, the Evolutionaries have expanded into an overlapping domain of rock, metal, industrial, punk, and noise. The Last World brings together all of these influences as a gritty foray into rock ‘n roll from a worm hole that has best been described as outer space garage rock.

Since being a featured artist on the Xbox 360 game Dead Rising, the Evolutionaries have enjoyed a dedicated and steady base of listeners and buyers of their music as evidenced by over 150,000 plays on YouTube alone. The point of The Last World was to take everything that has gone before for the Evolutionaries and spread out to encompass all of the previous influences in one unified product.

This album was mixed by Mitia Wexler, who did an expert job at capturing the lonely sound of being stranded on an asteroid. For mastering, we relied upon the celebrated expertise of Gregg Janman of Hermetech Mastering. Gregg has a long roll of genre-spanning mastering credits, including work for Android Lust, and Danny Hyde of Coil and Nine Inch Nails.

01. Intro
02. Down! The Walls
03. The Solution
04. Anthropophobia
05. The Empty Throne
06. Expand
07. The Only Star
08. A Cruel Design
09. Lullaby
10. Cycles

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released May 15, 2014



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