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NEO is a rather difficult album to describe. Musically, it is an eclectic mixture of Rock, Industrial, Atmospheres, effects, various forms of electronica, and other musical devices. It is without a doubt unlike anything you've ever heard. It is a journey through time and the mind, a story about many things simultaneously. We invite you to listen and judge for yourself! It is music with a message, but the message may seem unclear. It is a message which travels on subconscious levels. It relates to our past, our future, and what how we will approach life on this planet. It is many things that go beyond description. Listen, and enjoy!

01. Fallen
02. Before
03. The Opening
04. For The Last Time
05. In My Heart
06. Lost
07. Nomore
08. It's Going To Rain
09. In The Mourning
10. Like A Razorblade

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released October 24, 2011



Latex Records Atlanta, Georgia

Move Your Body, Expand Your Mind!

Our artists are those exploring mysticism, magick, myth, and the deeper recesses of the subconscious. Thus, our focus is not just on the music but the content and creative process.

Gothic, Industrial, EBM, Darkwave, Ambient, Electronic, Experimental and associated genres and sub-genres
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